Canadian Association for Porphyria

Information for Canadians

Map of Canada

This map was created from information shared by Canadians with porphyria who had contacted the the Canadian Association for Porphyria, Inc. prior to 2008. 

There is currently no registry for people with porphyria in Canada.

Source: Canadian Association for Porphyria, Inc - 2008

Medical Disclaimer

Care has been taken to ensure that the information on this website is accurate at the time of publication. This information is, however, intended for general guidance only and is not meant to substitute consultation from a recognized health professional. The Canadian Association for Porphyria/Association Canadienne de Porphyrie disclaims for itself and for the author of this information, all responsibility for any mis-statements or for consequences of actions taken by any person while acting on information contained herein. Physicians and patients must make their own decisions about therapy according to the individual circumstances of each case.

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