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Short Term Exception Drug Therapy, Alberta Health Services

As a component of plans of care, Alberta Health Services (AHS) Pharmacy receives requests from physicians to consider funding for high cost non-formulary drugs for individual patients. The Short Term Exception Drug Therapy (STEDT) Program has been established as a mechanism to address these requests in a consistent fashion for both inpatients and outpatients across the Province. 

Short Term Exceptional Drug Therapy (STEDT) Process is administered by Alberta Health Services (AHS).  The purpose of STEDT is to coordinate an evidence informed review process for circumstances where there is no existing coverage of medications.  The STEDT program approaches these requests on an individual basis and works with experts as the particular request requires.   AHS administers the program because it allows for a consistent decision making across inpatient and ambulatory (outpatient).  Alberta Health (AH) provides funds for the outpatient drug costs with STEDT bringing forward to AH cases where the drug expenditures would be greater than $100,000. 

Source: Health Canada, Alberta Health

Last Updated: 12/January/2017 

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